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Hello hello hello

I wrote an essay for a basically asked what you wanted to be when you grew I wrote about being a photographer. :]
There are a bunch of little spelling mistakes and missing words...but I'm too lazy to fix just bear with me. Haha I wrote it in about 45 it's not the best...but I like it.
Tell me what you think.

     Many people in America subscribe to magazines, be it parenting magazines, fitness magazines, or fishing magazines.  They open the cover and flip through to their favorite articles, briefly glancing at the photographs that accompany it.  Little do they know that it took a professional photographer hours to meticulously prepare, shoot, and edit this picture so as to magnify the subject of the editorial.
     Since April of 2006, when I first took an interest in photography, it has been my aspiration to become a professional photographer.  Not only is it a fun hobby, but it is also something that can be taken further and turned into a respectable profession.  It will take a while to build up your clientele list and to create your own photography business, but the process is the same as becoming a lawyer.  One must work to gain respect in the photography scene the same as one does to gain respect in the criminal justice community.  

      Photography is a part of the average person's everyday life.  When a student flips uninterested through his chemistry book, he is passing countless amazing images that took much planning to create.  As amazing as the images are, it is also amazing how one doesn't acknowledge just how much he or she is affected by pictures.  It can  undoubtedly be seen in advertisements and promotions.  Would you rather buy a pair of jeans that are displayed on an average-looking person or on the beautiful model that is posed in a suggestive manner?  Furthermore, advertisement agents have found that people tend to buy more clothing if they model's face is not shown, so the person viewing it may see themselves more clearly in the product.  Both examples show the importance of photography in the economic community and in the average household.

       As an aspiring photographer, I hope to change the world with my pictures, or at least alter the views of the people, even if it is marginal.  I hope that my pictures affect the viewers in a way that it stays with them for the rest of their lives.  I was recently looking a photography blog titled "13 Photographs That Changed the World" .  It included a picture of the Battle at Gettysburg, one of the first photographs that showed the results of a war, the bodies of those that had fallen in action.  In it was also the famous picture of Albert Einstein with his tongue sticking out.  This photograph showed the world that even the most respected member of the scientific community could be silly at times.  

       Not everyone can produce breathe taking pictures though.  It may take a person over thirty years to become a photographer in a respected magazine, let alone become a free lance photographer for a variety of media outlets.  If one hopes to obtain such a high position in the photography community, they have to work harder than the average amateur photographer like the many that may be seen in the internet photography scene.  It is my goal to work as hard as I am able to in order to rise above the amateur level and reach professional status. I have set up a photography page on the popular internet site known as MySpace so that I may network to other professional photographers and receive advice and other useful information from these esteemed people.  I also have a page on the internet art site known as deviantART.  
I know that right now it is only a hobby, but I plan to major in photography in college and take an intern job at a local photography business, such as Carlton Hubbard.  I hope that one day my work will be able to have an affect on people in a way that betters the community and creates a more profound understanding of the subjects that are exhibiting in my photography, be it a sunset landscape or a senior's high school pictures.  I hope to be remembered by my peers as a respected member of the photography community and be remembered for my pictures that will be created in the future.  I hope you remember me when you are one day flipping through your subscription of Cosmopolitan or National Geographic and you see my name in the byline of the picture that has just taken your breath away.


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